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Oswego, IL


Artist Statement
Life is a series of adventures, and many of mine are purely fictional. The creative process of painting and drawing allows me to bring my imagined world into reality and create new narratives. Each painting I create is a reminder to live gloriously and to connect playfully with the world. My animals peer out, inviting interaction, drawing the viewer into a dialog. The plants and trees are stylized to express the things we connect with through our senses, such as the swooshing of the wind through leaves, warm sunlight bouncing from moving foliage, lungs full of fresh air, and the humming, buzzing, singing sounds of life that connect us to that which is infinite and good.

Artist Narrative
Growing up in England during a time when the “ Back to Nature” movement was in full swing meant a lifestyle that was lived close to the land. Self-reliance and self-expression were encouraged. Childhood in a small rural village near the Staffordshire Moorlands was spent running free and wild through a countryside that was lush and green, although often wet. The air was electric from the constant movement of the wind or wind-driven rain through the leaves and wildflowers. The humming, buzzing, chirping, squeaking energy of wildlife made us know that we were a part of something big and good.
Home was about finding your passion in life. My mother’s passion was nurturing and rescuing. In our house the outside was inside. Thus I grew up surrounded by a jungle of plants and animals. A crow that had fallen from his nest, a sheep who’s mother had been killed, cats, dogs, ferrets, fish, cockatiels, chickens, rabbits, these creatures were my brothers and sisters, and I became fluent in the expressive language of animals.
At three years of age, Meningitis struck my young body and I was taken by ambulance from my nurturing home where everything flourished and grew. This unexpected separation unhinged my world. When returned from the hospital frail and unable to walk and with damaged eyesight, I was isolated from my friends and familiar activities to allow my weakened immune system to recover. During convalescence I discovered art and it gave me strength, and allowed me to process my newly found fears of being returned to that empty antiseptic world. I came to understand that life is all about connecting and being a part of something that brings joy. I’ve been making art and creating my own connections ever since. The artwork that I create is my way of bringing more color and fun into a world that can be way too serious.

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Education and Experience.
Leek College of Art and Design., BA prep
Loughborough College of Art and Design, BA Fine Art Painting
Birmingham Polytechnic, Post Graduate Certificate Art & Design Education Certificate RP87/37651
State Teacher Certification Board - State of Illinois: Secondary teaching certificate, Grade 6 - 12: # 2405629
Teaching Experience: North Staffs College of Further Education, Merton Alternative School, Little Friends School, Naperville Park District, School Dist 308 Substitute Teacher. Oswegoland Park District, Fox River Academy of Music and Art.
Arts Administrator: Naperville Park District
Business Owner: www.JaneWilcoxsonStudios.com
Business Owner: www,GirlieGirlBeads.com

Philanthropic Service: Founding member of Magical Starlight Theater, founding member Naperville Foundation for the Arts, founding member and past president of Kendall Arts Guild, past board member Summer Place Theater, past teacher representative to Merton School PTA, current member Naperville Arts Guild.

Art Exhibits:
Yorkville Library Solo show, Oct- Nove 2012
Montgomery Library Solo show, Nov-Dec 2012
Plano Library Sept - Oct 2011
Provena Mercy Hospital Mcauley Manor, Solo show, Aurora IL 2011
Edwards Hospital Center for Healing Arts, Solo Show, Naperville IL 2011
Oswego Library, IL, solo show and speaking engagement 2010
Yorkville Library, IL, solo show and speaking engagement 2010
Shaumburg Festival of the Arts, IL, national juried show 2009
Oak Brook Center, IL, national juried fine art fair 2009
Evanston Lake Shore Arts festival, Il, national juried show 2009
North Shore Art League, Fine Art Fair, Willamette, IL, national juried show 2009
Aurora Cultural Center, IL, Lost and Found Exhibit, national juried show 2009
LaGrange Fine Art Fair, IL, national juried show 2009
The Peoria Art Guild Gallery, IL, gallery representation
Oswego Fine Art Fair IL, (Third place in show award), juried show 2007
Yorkville, Promenade of the Arts, IL. (Best in show award) juried show 2005
Naperville Women’s Club Art Fair, IL, national juried show 2004
Loughborough College of Art and Design Permanent collection, group show 1984
Keele University, Newcastle-Under-Lyme Perminent Collection, solo show, 1985
Buxton Art Gallery and Museum, Derbyshire, one woman show1985
Beaumont Hall, Leistershire, one woman show1986
Royal Overseas League, London. international juried show 1988



Nosey James Chicken by Jane Wilcoxson


Fabulous Freddy Chicken by Jane Wilcoxson


Love Chickens by Jane Wilcoxson


Wilcoxson by Jane


Lookout Len by Jane Wilcoxson


Making a Break For It by Jane Wilcoxson


Neolithic Chickens by Jane Wilcoxson


Chigalls Elephants by Jane Wilcoxson


Baby Blue Elephants Can Only be Found in the Circus by Jane Wilcoxson


Woodland Bison by Jane Wilcoxson


Bison at Fermi Lab by Jane Wilcoxson


Prairie Bison by Jane Wilcoxson


Sunset trees by Jane Wilcoxson


Magenta Trees by Jane Wilcoxson


Firefly Forrest by Jane Wilcoxson


Oak Leaf Birds by Jane Wilcoxson


Goodmorning Hoot by Jane Wilcoxson


Daffodils by Jane Wilcoxson


Gaia of the Cosmos by Jane Wilcoxson


Self Determination by Jane Wilcoxson


Compass Prairie by Jane Wilcoxson


Stepping Into Enlightenment by Jane Wilcoxson


Celtic Sea by Jane


Pikes Market by Jane Wilcoxson


Ticker tape by Jane Wilcoxson


Forrest Fire by Jane Wilcoxson


Splash Seahorse by Jane Wilcoxson


Looking for some alone time by Jane Wilcoxson


Seahorse in the Weeds by Jane Wilcoxson


Backwards Seahorse by Jane Wilcoxson


Foreward Seahorse by Jane Wilcoxson


Looking At The Sky Penguin by Jane Wilcoxson


Dancing Penguin by jane Wilcoxson


Tye Dye Penguins by Jane Wilcoxson


Woolly Mowers by Jane Wilcoxson


Two Happy Sheep by Jane Wilcoxson


Early Morning On Woolie by Jane Wilcoxson


Farmstead on Woollie by Jane Wilcoxson